Are you looking for an exotic destination for your next vacation? Is one of your primary goals to relax and take in the local sights and customs at your own pace? An Arabian retreat could be the ideal trip for you.

You can find hotels that will pamper you, along with retreats situated under the desert sky. Spend time relaxing in Sinia desert or the magnificent Sahara. Both can be a spiritual journey that gives you a feeling of inner peace. If you prefer luxury, there are plenty of spas and hotels ready to accommodate almost any whim you might have.

Before you book your Arabian retreat, take a look at what some of the hotels, restaurants, and spas have to offer.

Where to Stay and Relax

It’s impossible to relax and unwind if your accommodations make sleep difficult. You want the hotel to have comfortable beds and all the amenities within easy access. It also doesn’t hurt if the view is as relaxing as the hotel’s interior. This is what you get at the Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi.

During your stay, you can participate in the hotel’s yoga classes. Led by certified instructions, you can relax as you put yourself through the various poses. Yoga also encourages meditation which is something you can continue to practice back home. The views from the hotel are breathtaking, and many of the guest rooms look out over the Arabian Sea. This island sanctuary also boasts beautiful gardens and an outdoor pool.

Relax Over Food

Middle-eastern cuisine has grown in popularity around the world, and chances are you are familiar with a few popular dishes. Hotels and even desert retreats either have restaurants on-site or have meals catered in. However, if you want to sit back, take in the local atmosphere it is best to visit a local cafe.

Whether you are in Jordan, Omar, Egypt or the U.E.A., you’ll find a neighborhood cafe on almost every street corner. Sit down for a while and enjoy sipping on strong Kaffe. sample some of the local delicacies. One of the best reasons to visit a cafe is that you will never feel rushed. Take your time, enjoy the various sights and sounds. When you’re ready, take a leisurely stroll through the city. No matter where you choose to go, there will always be something to see.

If your vacation takes you to the Palestinian Territories, be sure to stop by the Darna Restaurant. Here you’ll enjoy traditional cuisine in a relaxing atmosphere.

Meditate in the Desert

Desert retreats are a great way to decompress and forget about life’s daily stresses. There are plenty to choose from. Some offer nothing but luxury and pampering, while others are geared for the more adventurous traveler.

Al Manara hotel in Saraya Aqaba, Jordan is part of the Marriott family. This five-star hotel will pamper you indoors and outside. Along with the luxurious spa and two fine dining restaurants, you can also spend time in the tranquil desert. Go stargazing with an astronomer. Find Ursa Major and Minor, along with Cassiopeia and Scorpius. take a few minutes, or longer, for yourself for meditation or just contemplating your life.

If you want to tour some of the famous local sights, Petra is not far, along with Nabatean petroglyphs. Visit the Wadi Rum desert and enjoy a meal with the local Bedouins before heading back to the Al Manara for a relaxing night’s sleep.

Get Away From it All

If you really want to unwind and unplugged stay at the Adrere Amellal hotel in Siwa, Egypt. Along with the absence of USB ports, the hotel also does not have electricity. Don’t worry, you’re not “roughing it”, only getting away from all modern distractions.

During your stay tour the desert or relax on one of the rooftop terraces. Meals are simple, yet delicious. Everything served is local and filled with flavor.

Nearby desert salt lakes fill the hotel’s bathing pools. It is a relaxing and invigorating experience. You’ll step out of the pool feeling rejuvenated.

There are also plenty of sights nearby that include the ancient Amun temple, a Shali Ghadi fortress, and a complex of Old Siwa mud houses.

Relax and Unwind

These are only a few places where you can go to relax. Throughout the Arabian peninsula, there are plenty of hotels, restaurants, spas, and retreats all ready to pamper you.

When you’re ready to book your vacation it’s always best to get help from a travel agent. They can help you plan the perfect retreat where all you have to do is relax and enjoy your stay.

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