Budget-friendly shopping locations on the planet


People travel for pleasure, leisure, plain wanderlust, but hey there are some shopaholics who make shopping a significant aspect of their trip. We shop because we want new stuff, new stuff makes us happy. Ergo shopping makes us happy. To fulfill our bottomless pits of need, we need an unlimited bank account which would agree to buy us whatever we want and whenever we want it. That’s a little unlikely, isn’t it? If you are someone who wants to find a cheaper way to fulfill your shopping desires, well you have come to the appropriate place. Here are the top budget-friendly shopping locations in the world, you will literally get lost in the amount of stuff these places have to offer and the price they offer it at.

–    Hong Kong is the best shopping destination is the continent of Asia, and this is not an understatement. They offer world class bargains. A plethora of tourists have come out and said that they had purchased things at a cheap price, and the quality was as good as promised.

–    Madrid (Spain) has no less than 55,000 boutiques. They have a wide range of goods to quench your thirst for shopping. Huge departmental stores, great designer boutiques, flea markets that house rare and worthy items are some of Spain’s offerings to the fellow shopaholic. If you are a bold haggler, you mustn’t miss El Rastro which would be Spain’s largest flea market which happens every Sunday.

–    Tokyo, being the capital of Japan has a place for every need. Technology, clothing, footwear, you name it, they’ve got it, at very decent prices as well. You find trendy clothing at less than $10, now that’s a bargain. So fret not when you are shopping in Japan, it was reported to be Asia’s 4th cheapest city and a hell of a shopping destination.

–    Shoppers from all around the planet, venture into Mexico seeking a good bargain. They don’t have a manufacturing scale as massive as China, but Mexico is a great place to find designer goods that are in-fact manufactured locally and the availability is indeed in wholesale prices. The quality of these handmade products cannot be found anywhere in the USA. Affordable and you get your moneys’ worth, if that isn’t smart shopping, I don’t know what is!

–    Vietnam challenges the bargain-seeking adventurous soul in you. The possibilities of finding literally anything in the wide spectrum of unlimited products are indeed never-ending, in the ‘Nam. If you are on tight resources, then think of Vietnam to finish most of your shopping.

With the above list in your possession be sure to shop till you drop, and I do not mean that literally.

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