Tips for choosing a restaurant while traveling


When you are traveling, food plays a significant role as you will probably be tired and you need good, nutritious food that doesn’t give you stomach problems. That should be the last thing on your mind; getting sick while on vacation. Even the thought of it sends chills down my spine because I choose to grab every opportunity to be out of my hotel room when I am traveling. I love traveling, and I would hate to be physically incapable of fulfilling my wanderlust. You can avoid food poisoning by eating right.

Most hotels (not motels for sure) will have a great complimentary spread for breakfast. Fill up and eat as much as you can; you are going to need all that energy for the rest of your day. Eat two eggs (cooked however you want), croissants, bagels with cream cheese, a lot of fresh cut up fruits with some fruit juice and some cereal. These foods are fibrous and rich in protein and some carbs as well, which you will require. So when you fill up in the morning, you reduce the risk of eating out falling sick.

Do not binge on street food, especially ones that are literally being prepared and sold on the street. The dust and dirt from all the vehicles passing by would have gotten into the food, so play it safe; eat only in restaurants.

When you do get around lunch time, ask the people around you for a restaurant that serves the cuisine of your choice, ask multiple people. If you hear the name of that specific restaurant more than once go there, it’s probably really good and hygienic.

If you have sometime before your trip then, do yourself a favor and do some research of your own. Do not entirely depend on your tour guide of the people there to assist you. Look on Pinterest, read some reviews, trust those reviews. Go for food tastings; you will undoubtedly encounter people who know some fantastic restaurants that serve exquisite food.

Take a stroll down the road; the best food could be available right down the street.

This actually happened to me. I was in London, vacationing with my family and one evening we took a walk down the road from our hotel. We were staying near the London Bridge so we assumed every restaurant there would be incredibly pricey. But to our delight, we found this quaint little Indian place called “The Little Taj Mahal” which served some of the best north Indian food I have ever had. The owner was originally from India, and he immigrated there with his family and opened up a nice little restaurant.

If you just get off your phone and go out and look around, not only for the traveler in you, but the resident in your own city as well, who knows what you may discover.

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